'I wear some beautiful rings by Vivienne Jones,and when the School was looking to give a 20th anniversary gift to our Artistic Director, we decided to commission a piece from her. Vivienne crafted a stunning and utterly apt silver brooch with gold and pearl and garnet details.'

Susan Macpherson, Artistic Associate,The School of Toronto Dance Theatre,2014

''Vivienne is so original. Her jewellery is truly one of a kind and she uses all organic elements in such harmony. As a client for over 15 years, I have found her to be prompt and a good listener. The quality of her work is excellent, and I would recommend her services for all kinds of jewellery, whether you are buying an engagement ring or a casual necklace'.    Nettie Cronish 2014



"The longer I live with the ring Vivienne designed for me the more satisfied I am. Her consultation process made me comfortable and assured that we would arrive at a result I could live with forever. I felt that my ideas were translated through the beauty of Vivienne's design."

Michèle White     2014

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 My jewellery is predominately sterling silver and gold with precious or semi precious stones. I also utilize pearls, my own hand made resins and occasionally interesting found elements. Im also an artist that enjoys the challenge of working with existing materials or stones and re -working existing pieces for my clients.

I'm happy to answer any questions via email .


 for any enquiries regarding available pieces, made to order or custom work feel free to contact me directly via my CONTACT page.