Stories Told:  

 Vivienne Jones  and  Diane Nasr-O’Young

Vivienne Jones and Diane Nasr-O’Young, two artists who work in different media, share similar underpinnings of inspiration. Both are strongly influenced by the remnants of nature: twigs, pods and other detritus. Both create animated works that are not predictable in execution.

Jones' jewellery is sculptural in design, fabricated for wearability. Nasr-O’Young’s ceramic sculptures are meant for viewing rather than utilitarian use, even though the forms speak to utility.

Vivienne's work follows the precepts of surrealism, allowing the subconscious freedom of expression. Infused with symbolism, Vivienne's jewellery draws on her Welsh heritage, telling stories that are timeless and universal. This timeless quality reveals itself in the way in which the work is constructed and finished. Flawlessly executed, each piece wears a patina that speaks of age, an art object that has been handled, worn and loved. They are treasures imbued with meaning for the maker and the wearer.

Reinforced by her use of pastel glazes, Diane's ceramics are delicate and fragile, yet the imagery is bold and powerful. Her work inhabits the realm of fairy tales, presenting us with vessels both humourous and sumptuous. Diane's vessels make us smile. Indeed, it is one of her intentions. Her ceramics are lush with added linear embellishments, adding to the fecundity of the pieces.

It is not difficult to trace a primary influence for Nasr-O’Young's work: Trinidad, the land of her birth, a place where sumptuous and lush are commonplace descriptors.

Jones' Welsh background is subtly recorded in her jewellery. Castings of found objects not only add texture and interest, but also can be read as symbols that evoke memories and even allude to magic, prominent in Welsh lore.

Diane Nasr-O’Young and Vivienne Jones, enriched by their early life experience in their native countries, bequeath to us gifts for the mosaic that is Canada.

Curated by Aggie Beynon


located at  PEARSON AIRPORT 

Terminal 1 international departure lounge